4H Demonstration 7/14

ARRoc will be holding a demonstration to protest a 4H Expo July 14th from 3 to 7 pm at Ontario Beach Park.  4H Event link

We will have signs and use TVs to show footage of dairy farming.  (This is not a Cube of Truth, as there will be no masks, and you do not need to wear black.)  As always we’ll provide outreach information and support for those who decide to go vegan.

These cows are safe from 4H. *

For your info, here is a 4H kids’ educational guide on dairy where they teach kids to think about cows as economic things.  Sadly, p.10, where they discuss debating animal welfare issues, is not included, but p.8 shows a worksheet for determining “culling” or “number of cows leaving the herd.”  In this beef guide, they repeatedly call living animals “beef.”

Please come out and let the kids know there’s a dark side to 4H.

We’ve had no problems at recent protests, but here are some reminders:

  • Please do not shout or react to anyone shouting at us.  Our silence is powerful dissent.
  • Please wear no animal products (leather, wool, down, silk, fur) – passers-by do notice and comment.
  • For their safety and comfort, please do not bring animals.
  • Stand on public sidewalk only, and do not block anyone: keep it legal.
  • We welcome those who approach us with questions or for dialogue.  Always be polite.  If someone wants to talk to you but you’re not comfortable with that, you can give them a leaflet and/or refer them to the leader.


ARRoc provides signs.  If you wish to make your own sign, please be sure its message meets ARRoc’s Core Values.  Graphic images, which cause people to look away, may not be as effective as a clear, short, simple, written message, which people do read.


Rain or shine.  Dress for the weather.  Umbrellas are fine.  Check our web site in case of dangerous weather.

What else can you do?

Use social media to spread the word about the horrors of 4-H, and donate to help our efforts.
* Photo: The cows in the picture were rescued by Mike Stura and they live at Skyland Animal Sanctuary & Rescue.  Emma (brown) was a dairy cow who was rescued when she was about five years old. Jimmy (black) was the son of a dairy cow who is also rescued. He came from a farmers market that used him.