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Recap: Brighton Energy Fair

Thank you to Mary for joining me at the ARRoc table for the four-hour Brighton Energy Fair on Sunday, June 18th.  I held down the fort while Mary leafletted and visited all the vendors and other organizations, doing vegan outreach…

Recap: Cube of Truth

ARRoc held a Cube of Truth Saturday April 29th at Washington Square Park for the People’s Climate March (sponsored by our partner Rochester People’s Climate Coalition). ARRoc members started out chalking, and then assembled the Cube using our two new…

RPCC Food Choices Statement

Rochester People’s Climate Coalition, of which ARRoc is a corporate member, has issued their Food Choices Statement saying that “Food choices are extremely important for anyone who wants to take climate change action,” encouraging people to eliminate or reduce meat and dairy. …

Monroe County Votes for Animals

If you care about animals and are eligible to vote in Monroe County, NY, please consider joining this local voting bloc for animal-friendly legislation. It’s a direct relationship – the more people who join the bloc, the more influence we…


ARAUNY has signed on as a Partner Organization of the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition, a rapidly growing coalition of organizations and businesses throughout the Rochester area, who share an interest in taking a stand against climate change. As you’re probably…

Be an advocate for wildlife and the lives of all animals

[The following letter from our VP, Martha, appeared in the Democrat and Chronicle last week.  Great advocacy, Martha!] Wildlife killing contests target animals for whom there are no protections — squirrels, fox, coyotes, bobcats, skunks, badgers, prairie dogs, and in…

ARAUNY Prez on Broken Spear Vision Radio

by Tina My good friend George Payne of Gandhi Earth Keepers International interviewed me for his Broken Spear Vision radio show on Rochester Free Radio. Listen here. My comments are entirely my own and don’t necessarily represent ARAUNY’s position.  And…

What I Can Do

by tinako

I was tabling for our local vegan society and a GMO Labeling Bill a few weeks ago, and I was struck by the despair expressed by a few people who came up to me. “No one cares, even when they know the facts about animals,” one woman (not vegan) expressed. She seemed to believe that the best response to this was to do nothing, even within her own sphere of influence (her plate). An organic farmer said, “Monsanto is so big. People don’t know. Who will tell them?”…

The Issue of Human Consciousness

by Linda Brink

Bryan Graczyk recently posted these extraordinarily interesting quotes on AR-Global:

Navajo warning: “If you kill off the prairie dogs there will be no one to cry for rain.”

Hopi Elder: “Water under the ground has much to do with rain clouds. If you take the water from under the ground, the land will dry up.”

Earth Companions

by Linda DeStefano

It’s time to expand respect for animals.

Koko, the gorilla, communicates with people through American Sign Language and her understanding of a large vocabulary of spoken English. She is gentle with her kitten, and hugs people she likes.

Although he can escape from the killer harpoons, a whale returns to his wounded mate and stays with her until he, too, is killed by the whalers.