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UUnAMOR at Petition Weekend

Animal Ministries of Rochester NY (UUnAMOR ~ pronounced you-nah-more) tabled at (Winton Road) First Unitarian’s Petition Weekend, March 11-12, 2017. Lois Baum created the petition and prepared postcards (environmental move to save on paper envelopes). Greg Baum tabled for UUnAMOR…

Monroe County Votes for Animals

If you care about animals and are eligible to vote in Monroe County, NY, please consider joining this local voting bloc for animal-friendly legislation. It’s a direct relationship – the more people who join the bloc, the more influence we…

Yates County Does a Poor Job of Protecting Animals

by Joel Freedman [The opinions expressed in these essays do not necessarily reflect the position of ARAUNY.] A state law allows local governments to crack down on cruel canine breeding facilities – also known as puppy mills – by establishing…

Tunnel Vision

by Linda Brink

An activist friend recently put a question out there, which is this: what inspired so many people to become outraged over Cecil the lion’s death, when daily, countless other innocents are routinely abused and destroyed without causing anywhere near the same reactive ire?

Pets are the opiate of speciesism

By John Carbonaro

We gain physical and emotional pleasure from our attachment-intake. We gain cerebral comfort and pleasure from our singular pet-relationship focus.

They supply a sense of balance and connection between us and the world of other animals. We can then tell ourselves that we ‘love animals’ in a global, diffused way despite our different treatment of them. They fill the cognitive-emotion gap between us and our ‘other’ treatment of animals.

Earth Companions

by Linda DeStefano

It’s time to expand respect for animals.

Koko, the gorilla, communicates with people through American Sign Language and her understanding of a large vocabulary of spoken English. She is gentle with her kitten, and hugs people she likes.

Although he can escape from the killer harpoons, a whale returns to his wounded mate and stays with her until he, too, is killed by the whalers.

Memorial Day Peace Parade

ARAUNY participated for the first time in Metro Justice’s Peace Parade, which follows the traditional Memorial Day parade in downtown Rochester, NY. We carried images of some of the kinds of animals used in the military: dogs, goats, seals, dolphins,…

Puppy Mills

Special thanks to Lorry Schlick of NYS Citizens Against Puppy Mills for her very informative and thoughtful talk on July 17th! For more information on the important work of NYS CAPM, and what YOU can do to help, please visit:…

Report: PUPPY MILLS: A National Disgrace

On 7/17/13, Lorry Schlick, NYS CAPM (Citizens Against Puppy Mills), gave a talk about Puppy Mills, called “A National Disgrace”. Lorry and husband, Rich, had an amazing set-up … an accordian-like display with silkscreen panels of photos from inside puppy…

Puppy Mills: A National Disgrace

Guest speaker: Lorry Schlick, President, NYS Citizens Against Puppy Mills What are puppy mills? Where are mill-puppies sold? What becomes of dog-mill-mothers? Aalternatives and solutions? Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7:00 PM ~ Lecture, followed by Q&A discussion First Unitarian Church…