Bumper Stickers

[Pig and Dog] Why Love One and Eat The Other?  Go Vegan

$3 (3″ x 10″). Thanks to Adam for putting this image together for us.

Pick up a bunch and let the message spread far and wide. Not just for your car, but also your laptop, your office cubicle, your front door, your friend’s back… you name it. Show your vegan pride. Wholesale prices as well. Shipping/fees is $2/order no matter how many you buy.  Wholesale is available.


Dairy takes babies from their mothers.

$3 (3″ x 10″). Thanks to JP for the photo and design.  Our aim is to get people to start realizing that those calf crates we all hate are more about dairy than veal.

Meat is not a victimless choice.

$2 (3.75″ x 7.5″). Thanks to Mary for the photo. This is Freddie – he escaped from the meat industry and lives safely at Skylands Sanctuary