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Lakeside Demonstration

Join us to stand up for exploited animals! We’ll be demonstrating against the various animal uses at the Lakeside Winter Celebration. The link says tractor carriage pulls but they told us that weather-depending, there will be a horse carriage. There…

Monroe County Votes for Animals

If you care about animals and are eligible to vote in Monroe County, NY, please consider joining this local voting bloc for animal-friendly legislation. It’s a direct relationship – the more people who join the bloc, the more influence we…

ARAUNY Prez on Broken Spear Vision Radio

by Tina My good friend George Payne of Gandhi Earth Keepers International interviewed me for his Broken Spear Vision radio show on Rochester Free Radio. Listen here. My comments are entirely my own and don’t necessarily represent ARAUNY’s position.  And…

Tunnel Vision

by Linda Brink

An activist friend recently put a question out there, which is this: what inspired so many people to become outraged over Cecil the lion’s death, when daily, countless other innocents are routinely abused and destroyed without causing anywhere near the same reactive ire?