Stand Up for Farmed Animals 10/2

picture-036Be an “upstander” with ARAUNY.

Let’s stand up for our friends on Sunday, October 2nd, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm in front of the East Avenue Wegmans in Rochester.

We will stand on the public sidewalk at the southwest corner of the parking lot.

Signs will be provided or you can bring your own (but we ask that you please make sure they are aligned with our core values).  Keep signs very simple – this is auto traffic.

We never shout. Please don’t wear animal products such as fur, leather, silk, wool, etc. – people notice and comment. Please don’t bring pets.

Rain or shine, dress for 90 minutes in whatever Rochester throws at us, umbrellas are fine, check our website in case of dangerous weather.

Parking is on-street.

Sign suggestions (You may like to substitute one particular kind of animal, or an individual animal’s name/photo, for the word “Animals” below in order to further personalize your message):

  • Stand Up for Farmed Animals
  • Speak up for Farmed Animals
  • Animals are Friends, not Food
  • Animals are not ours to use
  • Animals feel pain like we do
  • I Love Animals so I’m Vegan
  • Animals deserve to live their lives
  • (Enlarged mounted portraits of individual farmed animals – don’t forget animals are farmed for their skin and hair as well)