Bull Riding Protest 9/22

(cc) Mike Langhorst

ARRoc will be holding a demonstration to express dissent of Professional Bull Riders, coming Saturday, September 22nd to Blue Cross Arena.

We will stand from 5 to 7:30 pm in front of BCA, rain or shine – please check our website in case of dangerous weather. Parking is on-street or in a garage, and there is often a charge. Thank you to JP for leading this protest and providing signs for us!

You can find out more about PBR at their site.

This is a public event – feel free to publicize – please link to this page so attendees get all the information.

There are a few things I think protesters should be aware of, so we are protesting intelligently: 1. PBR is not a rodeo – there do not seem to be any activities besides bull-riding. 2. Unlike smaller bull-riding outfits, PBR does not allow electric shocks and I have no evidence that it’s happening there. 3. There is also a myth that the flank straps, cotton belts tied around the bull’s waist, involve the genitals – AR groups agree this is anatomically impossible.

So I would ask protestors who choose to bring signs not to bring ones that refer to rodeos, shocks, or an erroneous claim about flank straps, so that we do not appear clueless about what this event is.

Sign suggestions:

“Athletes” or Prisoners?
Frivolous Abuse of Power
Boycott Animal Entertainment
Animals Don’t Exist For Us
What Would They Rather Be Doing?
“Sport” or Exploitation?

If you want to stand with ARRoc but would like to come up with your own words, please be sure they honor our Core Values.  You’ll also want to make sure it’s readable – fewer words, letters neat and large (3-4″ high), high contrast, is best.

We’ve had no problems at recent protests, but here are some reminders:

  • Please do not shout or react to anyone shouting at us.  Our silence is powerful dissent.
  • Please wear no animal products (leather, wool, down, silk, fur) – passers-by do notice and comment.
  • For their safety and comfort, please do not bring animals.
  • Stand on public sidewalk only, and do not block anyone: keep it legal.  The leader will show you what part of the sidewalk on front of BCA is public.
  • We welcome those who approach us with questions or for dialogue.  Always be polite.  If someone wants to talk to you but you’re not comfortable with that, you can refer them to the leader.