Lakeside Demonstration

(cc) Smerikal

Join us to stand up for exploited animals!

We’ll be demonstrating against the various animal uses at the Lakeside Winter Celebration. The link says tractor carriage pulls but they told us that weather-depending, there will be a horse carriage. There is also dog-sledding and a chili contest.

February 9th, 1-2:30 pm at Ontario Beach Park, 4800 Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY 14613.

Dress for the weather!  We will have signs but you can also bring your own. We ask please that they be consistent with ARRoc’s core values if you wish to stand with us.  We don’t shout.

We will be standing at the northern parking lot entrance, though we may move to the southern entrance depending on traffic. You can park in the public park’s lot. We don’t arrive to demos more than a few minutes before the scheduled time.

Weather-depending, Darren may run TV outreach at a separate spot nearby.