PAWS of Rochester

We are so excited to share with you an organization that is reinventing itself to become a (vegan) Youth & Advocacy Center.  PAWS of Rochester has been around for a while providing hands-on assistance to city residents’ dogs, but they would like to reach people earlier in life – that’s kids!  They are opening a beautiful 10,000 square foot advocacy center on Hollenbeck Street which will have programs supporting a compassionate relationship with animals.  They plan to be a destination for field trips and for after-school programs.  They have invited ARRoc to hold events there as well!  We are so grateful that Matt and Laura have brought their creative idea to life in Rochester and been so welcoming to collaborating with us.  Rochester’s residents are very lucky to have this amazing first-of-its-kind resource.

Please check out their web site to learn their inspirational story!