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BREAKING: Jury Acquits Alexandra Paul and Alicia Santurio in Landmark Animal Rescue Case

Historic Victory: Jury Acquits Baywatch Actor Alexandra Paul and Alicia Santurio of Larceny Charges in Merced County Merced County, California – March 17, 2023 – In a monumental victory for animal rights activists, a jury of 12 has acquitted “Baywatch”…

World News: Cambodia Blocks Export of Nonhuman Primates

Portrait: Long-Tailed Macaque posed behind steel bars.

Macaque (monkey) portrait computer-generated by Joe.

1 minute listen: Cambodia Blocks Export of Non-Human Primates

Good news!

Cambodia is halting the export of nonhuman primates (NHPs), according to animal rights groups Direct Action Everywhere and PETA. In the last year approximately 60% of the primates imported into the U.S. were from Cambodia.

We share in DXE’s hope that this will put some animal experimentation on pause.

Recap: 8/18/22 ARRoc Members Featured on Local Radio Thursday 8/18 Veganism was the topic of WXXI’s midday talk show, Connections with Evan Dawson. This hour-long episode explored recent public reaction to Cracker Barrel adding vegan sausage to their menu, whether local vegans are “pushy”, how vegans advocate…