Recap: 11/20 We Stood Up For Turkeys

Several People pose with signage regarding the 45 million turkeys killed each year for thanksgiving. Activists are in heavy winter clothing and Wegmans is in the background.

Thank you to those who braved the cold to stand up for turkeys. 

Animal Rights Rochester protested outside of Wegmans for the second time this season Sunday to stand up for the roughly 44 million turkeys killed for an unnecessary reason—to ironically celebrate gratitude. 

Wegmans continues its complicit relationship with Plainville  Farms, the supplier recently bred 139 criminal counts of animal cruelty, including six felonies, involving 11 of its now ex-employees.  It is the largest case of animal abuse filed against a factory farm in US history.

This company, along with many others, uses terms like “humanely raised” and “stress-free” to describe the way they raise and kill animals.Please don’t believe these false labels. The humane thing to do is choose a cruelty-free lifestyle by going vegan. 

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