World News: Cambodia Blocks Export of Nonhuman Primates

Portrait: Long-Tailed Macaque posed behind steel bars.

Macaque (monkey) portrait computer-generated by Joe.

1 minute listen: Cambodia Blocks Export of Non-Human Primates

Good news!

Cambodia is halting the export of nonhuman primates (NHPs), according to animal rights groups Direct Action Everywhere and PETA. In the last year approximately 60% of the primates imported into the U.S. were from Cambodia.

We share in DXE’s hope that this will put some animal experimentation on pause.

This occurred after PETA asked CDC to suspend all nonhuman primate exports from Cambodia this November. Animals continue to be tortured in laboratories all around the world, including our home city of Rochester, NY. In 2021, 44 primates were subjected to pain under laboratory conditions by the University of Rochester raising the annual total to 117.

Many researchers posit that more often than not, testing on animals isn’t effective, failing to predict human outcomes when testing new drugs. Many further push for new approach methods for medical research. (See: Organ on a Chip Medical Science & Tech)

The FDA Modernization Act 2.0, which removes from FDA regulation the requirement that new drugs be tested on animals prior to their subject to human-based clinical trials, is still pending in the Senate.

Please choose products which have not been tested on animals where possible and practicable.
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