New York Passes Law Ending Sale of Certain Species In Retail Stores

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1 Minute Listen: A Win for Animals!

The sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits is banned in New York State pet stores effective in 2024. While we wish the ban took effect sooner, this is a clear victory for many animals. 

“Today is a great day for our four-legged friends and a big step forward in our fight against abusive and inhumane puppy mills,” said Senator Gianaris Thursday. 

About one million dogs and cats are killed each year at adoption shelters in the United States, according to ASPCA. Purchasing animals from breeders perpetuates the deaths of many already available and healthy animals.

Animal shelters are often nonprofits, relying on community support and volunteers. For those interested in a new companion animal, the solution is to adopt and not shop for any animal. 

All animals, regardless of species need protection from exploitation and cruelty. On a personal level, there’s something YOU can do to help. Please choose a cruelty-free lifestyle by going vegan and boycotting animal breeding. 

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