[Time-Sensitive] New Yorkers Urged to Call for Cruelty Free Cosmetics

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The Governor of New York State has enacted a law that bans cosmetics in NYS if they have been tested on animals. This will go into effect January 1st of 2023. The law is under threat of being superseded in less than a week by language in FY 23 (federal budget) that could undo years of progress for animals, according to Humane Society of United States. Multiple organizations are urging Americans to advocate for animals who are subjected to painful, cruel, unnecessary experiments. 

1 Minute Listen: This quick phone call could be a key step to ending animal testing.

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Testing on animals is not necessary in the year 2023. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine champions non-animal based methods for testing cosmetics, which are claimed to be safer and cruelty-free. See: tissue on a chip.

New York State became the 10th state to enact Cruelty-Free Cosmetics into law, which could be the mark of an important turning point in animal testing.

We stand by our ally’s requests that all NY animal lovers contact your local lawmaker’s office and ask that your state’s ability to ban animal-tested cosmetics be protected. New Yorkers can strategically make the phone call to Senator Schumer’s office and make that request. The number to call is (518) 217 4603.

12/21/22 by Update By WXXI News.

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