Recap: 8/18/22 ARRoc Members Featured on Local Radio

Radio show host Evan Dawson standing with Lisa Medina who is a local vegan and Joseph Allman who is President of Animal Rights Rochester

Thursday 8/18

Veganism was the topic of WXXI’s midday talk show, Connections with Evan Dawson. This hour-long episode explored recent public reaction to Cracker Barrel adding vegan sausage to their menu, whether local vegans are “pushy”, how vegans advocate for the animals, and how friends and family support the panel’s choice to be vegan.

Thank you to panel members Andy Dunning (ARRoc member & activist), Lisa Medina (WXXI Development Coordinator / Vegan) and Joseph Allman (President, Animal Rights Rochester and Assistant Manager at The Red Fern) for participating in the panel discussion.