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The opinions expressed in these essays do not necessarily reflect the position of ARAUNY. A few select ARAUNY members have been chosen to write on our blog.

PSA: What’s The Deal With Dairy? | Pt. 2 Video Released

PSA #2 – Baby Cows Go Through THIS For Dairy

Click the link above to view our second Public Service Announcement in which we ask, Is Dairy Harmful?

Got Milk?
…There are many vegan alternatives to dairy. At this time, there are vegan milks that are great for baking, cooking, drinking.  We have vegan cheeses that now stretch, melt, and taste delicious. Help end the violence by choosing to go vegan. Coaching Available via signups at

Recap: 8/18/22 ARRoc Members Featured on Local Radio Thursday 8/18 Veganism was the topic of WXXI’s midday talk show, Connections with Evan Dawson. This hour-long episode explored recent public reaction to Cracker Barrel adding vegan sausage to their menu, whether local vegans are “pushy”, how vegans advocate…

Update 2/1/22: Local Professor Tables at Genesee Community College to Pilot Vegan Club

Video of Table at Genesee Community College Activities Fair

Thank you to Academic and Activist Elise Banfield for tabling a new vegan club at Genesee Community College last February. The event occurred at the college’s annual extracurricular activity convention. Elise was able to generate some interest for a new club, and she can be reached by students via email at, or during her office hours in person or via zoom room upon request.

Be an advocate for wildlife and the lives of all animals

[The following letter from our VP, Martha, appeared in the Democrat and Chronicle last week.  Great advocacy, Martha!] Wildlife killing contests target animals for whom there are no protections — squirrels, fox, coyotes, bobcats, skunks, badgers, prairie dogs, and in…