Important Animal Rights Discussion To Be Held In Buffalo

Renowned animal rescuer Wayne Hsiung visits Buffalo, NY on Wednesday the 25th of January to urge New Yorkers to advocate for animals with a unified voice.

Wayne holds up his right hand making a “peace” sign, as he walks along with 600 animal advocates while they openly rescue dying chickens from factory farming conditions

Instagram: @WayneHHsiung

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As Co-Founder of Direct Action Everywhere and The Simple Heart, Hsiung knows a thing or two about the right to rescue.

Wayne Hsiung will be speaking about a local case that is crucial to the right to rescue: the felony prosecution of Tracy Murphy for offering care to two stray cows who wandered onto her sanctuary, Asha Farm. The case will test a crucial proposition: should the law prioritize a conception of animals based on commercial exploitation, or based on compassion and care?

In his New York Times op-ed about winning a jury trial after saving pigs from a factory farm, he references how social movements have a history of upswings in support after important moments that bring moral issues to the limelight

Regarding the 2022 paradigm-shifting win in court for animals, his organization wrote:

Our rescue in March 2017 revealed the tension between slaughtering animals for food and having compassion for them. The jury made the right choice. Our society eventually will, too.

Wayne will hold a casual gathering and conversation at the The Vegan Center in Buffalo, called Project Vegan 716. The discussion will include how locals to our region can come together to make crucial, lasting change for animal rights. Activists for animal rights are urged to join this in-person conversation.

The event is being cosponsored and supported by several vegan businesses including The Vegan Grocery Store, Eden Cafe, Long Weekend Bakery and Cafe, Studio Vegan, and more.

Those interested in attending can notify the organizers here.