Recap: Brighton Energy Fair

Thank you to Mary for joining me at the ARRoc table for the four-hour Brighton Energy Fair on Sunday, June 18th.  I held down the fort while Mary leafletted and visited all the vendors and other organizations, doing vegan outreach all along the way.  We made a great team.

Thanks to member dues for the ARRoc canopy tent, which was very welcome on this very hot, sunny, windy day.  I shared it with RAVS, and thanks for Dave, Yetta, Darren, and Deborah for staffing the RAVS table and helping me get the canopy up and down.

Both groups had many good conversations, with many people interested in the 21 Days of Love vegan kickstart that ARRoc sponsors.  Both RAVS and I were glad to have that great resource to offer, which is a “next step” welcomed by those who are interested in veganism after talking to us.  Thanks to Nolan and Mary for their ongoing work on that program.