Anthony Marr: “Non-lethal Deer Management”

Oct. 1, 2007 (Monday) the Eve of Gandhi’s birth


ANTHONY MARR, International Wildlife Preservationist

7:00 pm ~ Lecture and Q&A
Brighton Town Hall Auditorium, 2300 Elmwood Ave, Rochester NY 14618 (wheelchair access, rear entrance)

Gandhi preached nonviolence. On the Eve of Gandhi’s birth, International Wildlife Preservationist, Anthony Marr, will address Non-Lethal Deer Management, as well as how to avoid deer-car collisions: Streiter Lites, immunocontraception, and more.

Traveling from Vancouver, Canada, Marr is on his 5th annual CARE tour, wherein he is on the road, visiting 25+ states over several consecutive months, addressing one specific animal issue.  This year: the “DEER TOUR”.

All are welcome. FREE and Open to the Public