Circus Demonstration


A few of the demonstrators.

Many thanks to all who came to participate in ARAUNY’s Yellow Wall demo on 10/24/12! There were close to 20-in-line (and another ~20 from a group of local PETA supporters). Thank you also to those of you who went on your own to protest the other Ringling shows. We are happy to hear that attendance to Ringling’s shows continues to lessen. However, we can’t stop advocating and protesting ’til circuses-with-animals stop using animals at all.

At any time throughout the year, we encourage everyone to educate people about the hidden abuse of circuses with animals. Write LTEs to area newspapers, letters to Al Sigl Center (Rochester), school principals, teachers, other administration, City representatives … anyone. Over the past 10 years, we’ve gone before Rochester City Council, requesting a ban on any/all animal entertainment in Monroe County, and/or the City of Rochester. Every voice helps!