Cube of Truth: Recap 11/4 & International Cube Day 11/5

Thank you to Darren, Walter, Mike L, Mary, and Andy for coming to the Public Market today to show people the truth about animals used for food via Anonymous for the Voiceless.  Walter won the Statue Award when he stood in the Cube for almost 3 hours without a break; it was pretty cold and we were all very impressed.  Afterwards we headed over to Balsam Bagels to order off their Vegan Menu (see Roc Vegan Guide for more about this menu program).

Tomorrow, the Fifth of November, is International Cube Day.  There are Cubes of Truth all over the world.  In Rochester we will be in the South Wedge from 10-1pm, weather permitting.  Please get details and RSVP via Facebook because changes do happen.