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Consider this:

Even though there’s no meat in dairy, there is still unspeakable harm and suffering caused by the dairy industry. A quick YouTube search will yield the grotesque reality in dairy standard practices. There are so many alternatives to dairy which don’t cause suffering – why not go for those instead?

1) Cows make milk when they are impregnated, and when we drink the milk, somewhere there was a baby cow that didn’t drink it.

2) The natural life expectancy of a cow is over 20 years, but each year in the dairy industry, cows that live past their first 48 hours only live 4-6 years on average.

3) 90% of baby cows are killed, sometimes on their first day of life if they are male, and 40% if they’re female. The other 60% of the female baby cows replace their young mothers, entering into the lactating herd.


NY's Largest Dairy Farm

Think a "humane" farm is the answer?

The video below is from Humane Facts; please read the truth about dairy on their page. Humane Myth
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