Finger Lakes Racetrack Demonstration 10/11


Horseracing Wrongs estimates that upward of 2,000 horses die while racing or training on American racetracks annually. The typical horse does not reach full musculoskeletal maturity till around six; the typical racehorse begins “training” at 18 months and is raced at two – or the rough equivalent of a kindergartner.

Most active racehorses are kept isolated in small stalls 23 hours a day, making a mockery of the industry claim that their horses are born to run, love to run. No affection, no stimulation – just an existence.

The Slaughtering: Although the industry downplays the extent of the problem, the prevailing wisdom is that most “retired” American racehorses are bled-out and butchered in foreign abattoirs. One final profit on their heads.

Here is the huge 2021 US casualty list.  Ten horses killed this year alone, this local racetrack alone.

Would you like this to stop? Please come out to demonstrate against this system of exploitation for pleasure and profit.

All signs will be provided by Horseracing Wrongs. See their website for much more info.

Event details:

MONDAY OCTOBER 11, 2021 AT 11:45 AM – 1:10 PM.  Leaders might not arrive more than five minutes before any start time.

WEATHER: Rain or shine. In case of dangerous weather, event will be canceled on the Fb event 1 hr before start time.

Exact location: standing right outside the main entrance on the side of Rt 96. (5857 NY-96 Farmington, NY 14425)

Parking: Glen Carlyn Drive, across 96 from the racetrack. Please be considerate to the neighborhood: keep your tires on the pavement and only park on one side of the road; someone (neighbor? track?) called the police when one person was a few inches over so check your tires after you park. Be careful crossing 96.  Do not park in the racetrack lot.

As always: Please don’t bring pets. Please don’t shout.

Thank you to Theresa for organizing!