Fundraiser Dinner at Red Fern

ARRoc is holding a fundraiser dinner at The Red Fern on Monday, April 10th, 6:30pm.  They will be preparing a four course plated vegan meal (optional
gluten-free*) with community-style seating.  $50 per person (includes gratuity)
Purchase tickets below before Sunday 4/9 at 5 pm.


  • first – vegan charcuterie with housemade seitan, smoked cheddar-style cheese ball, tofu feta, olive tapenade, herbed toast, orange candied pecans, pickled things
  • second – raw beet ravioli with lemon-tofu ricotta, basil oil, balsamic reduction
  • third – spring risotto with brown rice, zucchini, carrot, asparagus & toasted pine nuts
  • fourth – ‘misfit donuts & treats’ donut ice cream sandwiches with ‘eat me’ ice cream

Regular menu will not be served during the event.  Price does not include beverages or additional purchases. *gluten-free tickets must be booked in advance.

Be sure to make your choice between gluten/gluten-free before clicking Buy Now.  You may also buy tickets by mail: please contact us for to make sure a ticket is reserved for you, and be sure your check with is in our P.O. Box by April 6th.  Thanks!

Dining in:

TAKEOUT – Use the following button only if you would like TAKEOUT instead of a sit-down meal: