Harold Brown and Adam Durand

durand and brown 2009SEPTEMBER 16th, 2008 ~ Tuesday
Harold Brown and Adam Durand.

Moderated questions presented by: Rachel O’Donnell

Animal Advocacy: Working Together with Different Approaches – the State of the Movement

* 7:00pm
* Brighton Town Hall AUDITORIUM
– 2300 Elmwood Ave, Rochester NY
– wheelchair access rear entrance
* FREE and Open to the Public

Following a brief presentation by each of our Vegan Guest Speakers, “prepared questions” will be posed by ARAUNY’s 1st-time Moderator, Rachel O’Donnell. Both speakers will have equal time to answer the same questions, each from his own perspective. Afterward, they will take questions from the audience.

Together we seek our “common ground,” to work most effectively for nonhumans in the animal advocacy movement. Everyone is welcome to come, listen, ask questions, and share in this event.