Human Rights Day

Cartoon: Human (and other) RightsARAUNY tabled December 8, 2014 at Human Rights Day (Rochester Human Rights Committee) for the first time this year (though we’ve sent materials to be distributed in past years).  Check out the cartoon they used on their promotional materials – we’re all in this together!

One of the panelists, Paola Macas Betchart, specifically included animals in her opening remarks, and indicated she hoped to get a chance to speak about the Nature Rights that had been added to the national constitution of Ecuador.  Unfortunately I had to leave before she said any more about it.

Poster InjusticeWe wanted to be sure to make the connection that injustice to animals is a social justice issue, shoulder to shoulder with human social justice issues, with the same causes and  effects, so I made this poster and a flyer “What is Speciesism?”

This was a great event, with probably 200 people in attendance.  There was a potluck with many dishes labeled vegan, and the panelists were very interesting.  I had my qualms about the poet, not being a big fan of poetry, but she blew me away with her passion and wisdom – so moving.  I even got to sit next to Sandra Frankel at dinner!

I highly recommend this free event.