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N.Y.S. Rehabilitators

Injured or orphaned wild animals are best handled by a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. While wildlife rehabilitation is not our area of expertise, ARAUNY can point you to general info.

Be ready in case you find an animal in need.  Carry in your car at all times:

  • firm carrier
  • heavy gloves to protect yourself
  • leash (or several of varying sizes)
  • collar (or several of varying sizes)
  • blanket or towel to fit in carrier with rescued animal
  • list of wildlife rehabilitators in area where you’re traveling (have all their contact info)
  • list of veterinarians in area where you’re traveling (have their hours and contact info)
  • bowl, plastic or metal
  • can of pet food
  • water, but do not automatically give – call and ask rehabber first as sometimes water is not recommended immediately for all rescues

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Clearcut in a state park for fracked gas pipeline.

Destruction of Habitat and Natural Resources

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  • Mountaintop Removal flyer