Protest Rabbit and Lamb Fur

11/26/10 – Friday (day after Thanksgiving)
* EYE CANDY, 320 East Ave, Rochester NY  14604
* 12:00 – 1:30pm
*  Please wear black ~ esp a long BLACK trench-coat if you have one
ARAUNY asks that participants please:
* do NOT wear any animal skin to this demo
* do NOT shout at customers – we are there to educate, as calmly as possible
Advocate wearing plant-based fabrics: cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, jute, bamboo, and/or synthetic: nylon, dacron, rayon, polyester …
Presently, Eye Candy is selling Rabbit fur coats, and Lamb (mongolian) fur vests for women.  Eye Candy is new to Rochester this year.  Earlier, they participated in an area fashion show where the blood-money went to the Center for Youth Services.  In an effort to NOT be so predictable this year ~ ARAUNY will be at this (new) location, hosting a peaceful, non-confrontational demo against the selling of Rabbit and Lamb Fur.
The True Price of Fur
Fur-Free Retailers  
Animals do not exist to provide their skin (or anything else!) for our use
= leather, down, silk, fur, cashmere, wool … nor fur-trim!