Recap: Cube of Truth 4/22 with New Power Supply!

Our Cube of Truth on Saturday introduced our new power supply from funds raised at the Red Fern earlier this month.  Thanks again to all who participated in that fundraising event, and to Mary for organizing it.

Thanks to the six who participated in the Cube at the Public Market: Graham, Kevin, Leanne, Mary, Robyn, and Varun, and to Mary for organizing that, too.

Regarding the new system, many thanks to Kevin for purchasing everything, building the power supply, attaching a shoulder strap to his TV, and testing everything out.  He brought his virtual reality headset again as well, which passers-by used to view a VR experience of a pig slaughterhouse.  The iAnimal virtual reality experience is a project developed by Animal Equality and you can see the 360 video there.

We expect to buy TVs with the funds raised as we work out any kinks.  We’ll use the system for tabling, and other events as well.