Recap: Cube of Truth 5/12-14

We had a great weekend demonstrating at the Lilac Festival as an Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth.

Friday we were right at the purple crosswalk on Highland Avenue, the exact center of the festival, and had 35 passers-by give serious consideration to going vegan after seeing the footage and talking to our outreach volunteers. We were an effective four volunteers for what was a tiring 2.5 hours – thanks to Carol H, Mary, and Nolan.

Saturday we were unable to get to that spot and had to come up with a Plan B, which was on South Avenue between Reservoir and Highland.  We had a record-breaking 45 onlookers take veganism seriously.  There were ten of us for several hours before it started to rain – thanks to Carol H, David, Graham, Leanne, Mary, Nolan, Robyn, and Varun.

Sunday they were able to get closer, the corner of South and Highland.  There were eleven activists – thanks to Carol H, David, Graham, Leanne, Mary, Maryanne, Nolan, Nolan’s dad Bill, Robyn, Stas, and Varun.

Over the weekend, 110 festival attendees indicated they were going to seriously consider veganism as a result of our activism.  Thanks everyone!  We make a great team!

There are two Cubes of Truth scheduled for next weekend 5/20-21 at the Lilac Festival again.  Come join us!  Check the Facebook events, and do RSVP (via Facebook or Contact Us with the name/date of the event) because last-minute changes do happen, especially at a festival like that.  This weekend we were able to contact those who had RSVPd, to coordinate the unavoidable plan changes.