Recap: Cube of Truth 8/4

We had a terrific afternoon of activism at the Park Avenue festival on Sunday.  So many thanks to Andrea of The Red Fern for warmly welcoming us to set up next to her booth outside her restaurant – we were right there where you see this photo, on the sidewalk of Park Avenue near Oxford!  Thousands of people saw the videos as they walked by.  I often saw 10 people standing in front of my TV, watching, and there was always someone.  We had around 4-5 tireless people on outreach for two hours and they said they were busy non-stop. Sixty-eight passers-by decided to take veganism seriously after seeing the footage and talking to us.

Thank you to Darren, Jessica, Lisa, Terri, Andy, Bob, Tina, Joseph, Carol H. and Beth for participating.  Thank you to JP for taking photos (see them here with 8/4 running from #15 thru #41.).  Thanks to Joseph for organizing and hauling the stuff, and for taking photos and videos; I understand he got some footage of conversations.  Thanks to Darren for using his hand-truck to help move the equipment, and for picking up a discarded 10×20 tent frame we may be able to use at VegFest.

We were set up directly across from a festival information booth, and the Park Avenue organizers reportedly tried to get the police to make us leave but the police declined, saying we had the right to be there – thank you.  Thanks also to Rochester for the perfect weather, and to the Red Fern building for providing shade until the very end.  Fantastic!

Anonymous for the Voiceless‘ Cube of Truth is a peaceful static demonstration akin to an art performance. This demonstration operates in a structured manner that triggers curiosity and interest from the public; we attempt to lead bystanders to a vegan conclusion through a combination of local standard-practice animal exploitation footage and conversations with a value-based sales approach.

Newcomers are warmly welcomed.  No experience is necessary.  Masks, signs, and outreach literature are provided. Black upper clothing appropriate for the weather is essential.  If you are interested in volunteering, please join the AV Rochester NY Facebook group.

Nearby cities with AV groups:  SyracuseBuffalo and Ithaca.