Recap: Garden Brothers Circus Protest

Maybe she's wondering what happened to her baby they took.

Baby elephants are stolen from their mothers at a young age.

ARAUNY protested all four shows at the Garden Brothers Circus this week.  Thank you to those who came out: Mary, Martha, Carol H, Tina, new members Lauren & Ben, and two non-members Zoe & Brianna.  Thanks to Mary and Carol H for leading some shows.  Many, many thanks to Rochester for providing reasonable weather; the first protest was downright pleasant!

You may be interested to know that we estimate about 200-250 people at most went to each of the shows.  (The venue holds 650 unless you start putting rented chairs on the floor.)  So if 1,000 people went, that is 1,000/210,000 = not quite 1/2% of Rochestarians, or 1,000/749,000 = just over 1/10% of Monroe County.  Most people don’t go to the circus.  Due to our actions, those few who do know that not everyone thinks they’re a good idea.  As we help whittle those attendance numbers down farther, there will be fewer and fewer animal shows coming to Rochester.  As other cities’ AR groups do their part, there will be fewer and fewer animal circuses.

Contact us to find out how you can help get animal entertainment out of Rochester.