Recap: Garden Brothers Circus

Thank you to everyone who came out to stand up against animal exploitation for entertainment when Garden Brothers Circus came to the IcePlex at MCC.  You can check out their record of abuse here.  We were at all five shows 4/28-29, 40 presences averaging 8 protesters per show.  We had a great location on Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road, with most circus attendees driving by us both arriving and leaving, and lots of general traffic going by as well.  The weather cooperated, too, with threatening clouds that never delivered rain.

By looking at the number of cars in the parking lot, I estimate there were between 300 (on Friday) and 600 (on Saturday) attendees per show.  The rink they were using holds 3,000 people.  300*2 + 600*3 = 2,400 people out of 747,727 county residents, or three tenths of one percent of the county.  99.7% of county residents didn’t go to the circus.  Our actions mean more people know that animal circuses hurt animals.