Recap: Horseracing Demos 10/28 & 11/2

We teamed up with Horseracing Wrongs to protest the exploitation of horses for profit and entertainment at the nearby Finger Lakes Racetrack, where 16 horses have died this year, not counting the ones that go to slaughter when they can no longer keep up.

Thank you to Brando and Nicole of Horseracing Wrongs for the background info, tips, and signs.  Thank you to Theresa for organizing and leading both demonstrations.  Thank you to Tina and Carol for coming out with Theresa on Monday 10/28.  That banner is huge and even two people can make a big impact.

November 2nd was a Saturday and many more people were able to come.  Thank you to Katie, JP, Andy, Carol H, Sandy, Darren, Regina, Tina, and Lisa for coming out with Theresa.  Thanks to Katie & JP for taking photos – the above is one of JP’s.

Thanks to Rochester for the very reasonable weather both days.  The Finger Lakes Track was pretty unhappy with us and sent their security over several times but we were outside their property.  The police stopped by but we weren’t doing anything illegal.