Recap: October 5 and October 12 Stand Up For Animals

Thank you Darren Carol, David, Martha, Beth, Leanne, Holly, Katie, Robyn, Walter, Lyn, Mary, and Ellie for standing up for animals and spreading the vegan message to Rochester I-490 travelers, this time at Monroe Avenue on October 5th!

Thank you Tina, Martha, Carol, Holly, Leanne, Beth, Katie, Andrew, and Birthday Boy Darren
for coming to the demo on Thursday October 12th!

It’s heartwarming to get so many beeps, thumbs-up, and peace signs from motorists. We gave out a few 21 Days of Love vegan challenge cards to pedestrians, we were interviewed for a YouTube channel and Mary got word that our banner made the news!

We will be doing this again on October 19th on Goodman at the 490 Overpass.
Hope you can join us!