Recap: Pride Parade 7/20

Saturday was an amazing day for a Pride Parade! Many thanks to all who came out in the heat! Darren rode his bike with the trailer, and Justin pulled the wagon (we had planned ahead for the heat and had 8 gallons of water and 40 pounds of ice!) Debora and Joannie carried the banner, while Bubbie, Katie, Elise, Tony, Charlotte, Lisa, Jackie, Alex, and Shelby danced and walked behind, sharing candy provided by Darren and Shelby. There was a lot of great crowd interaction, and many shouts of “Go Vegan” from the folks lined up and down Park Avenue. Of course, passing The Red Fern drew the loudest cheers! At the end of the of the parade route, we all gathered together for some fresh watermelon as we cooled down and reflected on the palpable good vibes of the day.

The day was about love, and we were able to show people that love can extend to all beings. The words on Darren’s trailer said it best “Vegan Compassion to ALL, no matter how and who you love. United WE RISE above!!”