Recap: TV Demonstration at Tool Concert

For over four hours, Mary and I stood up to let people know where meat, dairy and eggs come from, as people went into Blue Cross Arena for a Tool concert on Tuesday evening, May 30th.  The concert was listed to start at 7 pm but crowds outside were still huge after eight.  We set up ARRoc’s four TVs and did outreach.  The weather was glorious and there was a lot going on, with probably a thousand people filing past our TVs, lots of scalpers, bootleg merchandise sales getting busted, several obviously stoned attendees, and plenty of undercover police, who often hung out near us; several of them were very interested in our footage and were enthusiastic about the 21 Days of Love vegan challenge.  One seller asked me if these were my TVs and then offered me a free ticket.  Another guy offered one to Mary later, and she decided to go.

All attendees were reminded of the truth behind their food, and 25 of the people who talked to us indicated they would probably try veganism.