Recaps: Cubes of Truth 8/26 & 27

ARRoc’s Cube of Truth hits the road!

On 8/26 they were in Buffalo for the Elmwood Avenue Art Fest.  Thank you to Christine, Graham, Leanne, Mary, Maxine, and Rene for coming out to stand up for animals.  Thanks to Maxine for feeding them afterwards!

On 8/27 they were in Syracuse for the N.Y. State Fair.  There was record fair attendance and the traffic was so crazy that Darren, Leanne, and Graham were not able to get there – after waiting in their cars for three hours they went to Strong Hearts and then home.  Thank you for trying!  Thank you to Mary, Robyn, Varun, Amber, and Mae for attending.

At the fair, one exhibit is cow birthing.  Pregnant cows exploited for dairy are transported to a noisy festival where they give birth in front of a crowd and on YouTube.  As always in dairy, their babies are taken away from them, only at the fair they are put on public exhibit instead of the usual solitary pens.  Mary videoed the babies with no moms in sight.  You can see the video on Facebook.

Thank you to Mary for organizing, and hauling the equipment around the state.