Report: PUPPY MILLS: A National Disgrace

On 7/17/13, Lorry Schlick, NYS CAPM (Citizens Against Puppy Mills), gave a talk about Puppy Mills, called “A National Disgrace”. Lorry and husband, Rich, had an amazing set-up … an accordian-like display with silkscreen panels of photos from inside puppy mills.

They also had CAPM Tshirts, pins and magnets for sale, plus a few puppy mill fliers. Much to my surprise, they brought along Charlie, their little dog-rescue, who they *lovingly used* to host a sign telling of his days in the puppy mill.

The event was co-hosted by ARAUNY and UUnAMOR (Unitarian/Universalist Animal Ministries of Rochester). It was held at First Unitarian Church. The church Plate Collection the Sunday prior went entirely to CAPM (via UUnAMOR).