REPORT: 8/12/12 Will Tuttle ~ Service for Animals: UUnAMOR and ARAUNY

Will Tuttle was in Rochester NY, August 12-13, 2012. Sunday morning, ARAUNY and UUnAMOR (First Unitarian task force: Animal Ministries of Rochester) hosted our annual *Service For the Animals*. Close to 300-people attended church that morning, reportedly far more than have come all summer. (Sign out a DVD of entire service in church workroom.) Hear Will Tuttle’s sermon (only the sermon) *The World Peace Diet* … scroll down to the date, 8/12/12:

UUnAMOR selected the hymns (#324 ‘Where My Free Spirit Onward Leads’, and #175 ‘We Celebrate the Web of Life’), plus the Readings (We Belong to the Earth – Chief Noah Sealth; I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou; Direct Link of Exploitation – Wm Kunstler; Animal Shall Not be Measured by Man – Henry Beston). Will led the Centering, Meditation, and gave the sermon, as well as playing his original compositions on the Steinway grand piano.

* NOTE: For our Service For the Animals*, we requested that people NOT bring animals to church, but bring photos instead. Animals in a church is entertaining for the humans, but it is often too stressful for the animals who should be left at home, where they are safe and comfortable.

TuttlesAfter the church service, both Will and his wife, Madeleine, a gifted artist, sold their goods in the Susan B. Anthony Lounge … Will’s book *The World Peace Diet*, CDs of his music, signed/#d prints of Madeleine’s artwork, cards, and tatting (a lost art which she keeps alive). Everything is also for sale via their website. Several of us then shared a Vegan lunch with the Tuttles at King and I Thai (E.Henrietta Rd). Later that evening, approx. 85 people attended a Vegan potluck and Will’s lecture at RAVS.

Monday evening, Will performed his Piano Passion Concert. Once again, UUnAMOR and ARAUNY cohosted this event, in the Unitarian Church Williams Gallery. An additional surprise was that Madeleine played her flute for some of the pieces, with Will at the Steinway. Again, they sold their goods. We asked attendees $3/ea, and our 2-groups provided free AR literature, and free samples of a variety of non-animal-milks: Almond, Chocolate Silk, EdenSoy, and Coconut Milk, plus Vegan Newman-O cookies (chocolate mint, and ginger).

If you missed out on hearing him, either lecture or his music, check out his website … Will’s message is invaluable and essential. We were pleased and honored to host Will Tuttle in Rochester NY.

Advocate Daily For Animals,
~Lois Baum
Founder, UUnAMOR
President, ARAUNY