REPORT: Greentopia 2013

ARAUNY had a pretty good spot at Greentopia this year (9/14-15/13), on Browns Race (street) across from the Visitor’s Center (now reopening, btw). Had good neighbors too … one sold organic seeds and garlic, the other sold an anise-drink he’d created. Weather was super ~ mid-60s with some sun.

We gave out a lot of literature. Got more new members for our ARAUNY email list. Greg and I had some good talks with some people interested in AR issues. Hoping others who tabled did too.

ARAUNY had the following New for sale this year: black Tshirts with message “Go Vegan and No Body Gets Hurt”, I made some jewelry, and Pet Food Can Lids that read “ADOPT Animal Companions! Homeless Animals Need Your Love”.

Mid-Sunday afternoon, Greentopia put on a “concert”, kind of like a flash-mob. Many individuals placed themselves at various spots all over the Greentopia streets, each with some sort of “instrument” that could make music. They played in unison (not sure if I can describe this well enough). Lot of percussion, and tubes being spun about, whirring loudly(!!!!). Personally, I love this sort of thing ~ very creative. However, it was so bad for any dialogue in any vendor’s booth …. you simply could not hear yourself think, let alone sell or share your own message. The concert lasted about one hour (remember, we paid for the space, thus the time).

Many thanks to those who tabled and helped ARAUNY at Greentopia this year: Martha Sullivan and her cousin, Kim Gorall, JohnMark Smeenk, Emily Smith, Christie Nesbit, Walter Bowen, Greg and Lois Baum.

Thanks everyone,