Rochester Vegan Living Program Wraps Up First Group!

The first ever Rochester Vegan Living Program held it’s final program session on Saturday May 12. The program was brought to us from the creators of the original Vegan Living Program (from Open the Cages Alliance) held in Long Island and Boston, and Rochester was lucky enough to have been the first expansion of the program.  Five sessions were held over four weeks and included a life-changing trip to Skylands Animal Sanctuary in Wantage, NJ. Our good friend Mike Stura shared many stories about the individuals who live on the farm. It was eye-opening for even the long-term vegans. The bus ride up and back included watching some great videos about animals and veganism in general.  And at the end, more than one pledge said that the visit completely solidified their commitment to veganism, and for that we (and the animals!) are grateful.

Though the program has officially ended, many strong friendships were forged. The pledges, the coaches, the volunteers, and the coordinators all learned something about themselves.We have some great things planned to keep the spirit of the program going, so stay tuned for more!