Stand Up for Turkeys

14732371_807041186065433_1798134589208786274_nStand up for your friends November 13th from noon to 1:40 in front of the East Avenue Wegmans in Rochester.

We will stand on the public sidewalk on the corner of East Avenue and Winton Rd.

Rain date is Sunday, November 20th. Postponement will be announced by noon the day before.

Signs will be provided or you can bring your own (but we ask that you please make sure they are aligned with our core values).  Keep signs very simple – this is auto traffic.

We never shout. Please don’t wear animal products such as fur, leather, silk, wool, etc. – people notice and comment. Please don’t bring pets.

Parking is on-street.

A holiday potluck will follow on the 13th – the potluck will not be postponed in case of rain.

Thank you to Mary for organizing this event.

Sign suggestions:

  • Stand Up for Turkeys
  • Speak up for Turkeys
  • Turkeys are Friends, not Food
  • Turkeys are not ours to use
  • Turkeys feel pain like we do
  • Gratitude = Violence? I just don’t get it.
  • Turkeys aren’t Grateful for Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving is Sad for Turkeys
  • Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be violent
  • Turkeys don’t have a choice, but I do.
  • Violence Hurts Everyone.
  • Turkeys are not ours to kill.
  • I care about Turkeys.
  • Vegans for a Peaceful Thanksgiving
  • Gratitude + Peace = Vegan
  • Peace to all beings.
  • May all beings be safe.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world. Be Peace.
  • Turkeys are Friends, not Food.
  • Some of my best friends are turkeys. (I couldn’t resist)
  • Tofurky is Terrific! 🙂