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It’s Time for the Canadian Seal Hunt to End

by Anonymous
As February winds down and we look forward to spring, a grim reality disguised as “tradition” comes forth. The annual slaughter of baby harp seals begins as soon as the pups start shedding their white coats and ice conditions permit. A white, pristine nursery where hundreds of thousands of seal mothers nurse their young becomes a horrifying, bloody killing field.

REPORT: 2/22/14 ARAUNY YellowWall Vigil re Squirrel Slam, Holley NY

2/22/14 Saturday was a sunny 40 degree day, with wind gusts up to 50mph! Fifteen activists joined ARAUNY’s YellowWall Vigil … still, silent, peaceful, holding bright yellow homemade signs to honor squirrels, massacred just up the road in Holley that…

Vigil for Squirrels

Holley, NY’s Fire Department hosts an annual squirrel-killing contest.  February 3, 2014, a group of ARAUNY and AAWNY members gathered on a busy street corner outside Holley in very unpleasant weather for a vigil.

Petition Weekend: Stop Wildlife Killing Contests

Last weekend, ARAUNY tabled at the Unitarian Church on Winton Road as part of ‘Petition Weekend’ – a chance for social justice groups to come together, educate, and gather signatures for important causes. This year, ARAUNY focused on ‘Banning Wildlife…

Protest: Holley Squirrel Slam

A protest is planned for the “Squirrel Slam” hunting contest involving children, with cash & gun prizes for those who shoot the most squirrels in Holley, NY. Please join us on Saturday, Feb. 16th, from 3-6 PM, at the Holley…

Report: Participating in Petition Weekend at UU, 2013

ARAUNY participated again in ‘Petition Weekend’, at First Unitarian Church on Sat/Sun (April 13-14, 2013). Approx 10 groups from various social justice causes each sat at a table, with one Petition pertinent to their cause. Along with petitions, most had…

REPORT: Protest of Squirrel Massacre, Holley NY, 2/16/13

We drove into Holley early afternoon 2/16/13 – nobody there to direct us where to park. So we parked on the street, asked a cop in a car if that’s okay (yes), then he directed us to AR protesters on…

Lecture on Coyote-Killing, Canned Hunts, Trophy Hunting

Wanted: Dead or Alive: Should Recreational Killing of Animals be Allowed in NYS? Presentation (hour-long lecture, followed by Q&A) by: VALERIE WILL, from Buffalo NY May 2, 2005 (Monday) 7:00pm Brighton Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Ave, Rochester NY AUDITORIUM –…

Hunting in Upstate N.Y.

October 9, 2004 (Saturday): ARA Meeting 1:00 p.m. NEAR Mendon Ponds Park Those interested in attending, contact: (585) 234-1306 for the address.