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Advocating For Animals

by JanineS

Some tactics gleaned from one of the most influential lobbying groups in America…

The leadership, thus their membership, is focused on one encompassing core issue. On the other hand, animal advocacy is comprised of a myriad of issues from raising animals for food, animals in captivity, hunting, trapping, vivisection, and so on. Perhaps if animal rights groups—particularly the national and state—concentrated on a few specialized issues, they may be more effective and avoid frustration & burnout among their members. Just a thought…

The Issue of Human Consciousness

by Linda Brink

Bryan Graczyk recently posted these extraordinarily interesting quotes on AR-Global:

Navajo warning: “If you kill off the prairie dogs there will be no one to cry for rain.”

Hopi Elder: “Water under the ground has much to do with rain clouds. If you take the water from under the ground, the land will dry up.”

Wildlife Watchers Vastly Outnumber Hunters in the United States

by JanineS

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website, the USFWS “was created in large part because of the efforts of hunters and their concern for our wildlife resources. Since the late 19th century, hunters and anglers have been the driving force behind much of the conservation that has taken place in this century, and we as a service remain committed to preserving these great outdoor traditions.”

Education Endangers Animals

by George Payne, founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International

The less humans know about animals the better off animals will be. From the earliest ages children should be taught to simply leave animals alone. If they are curious about them that is wonderful. This curiosity is natural and appropriate. But there is no reason why this state of wonderment must develop into knowledge and understanding…

Earth Companions

by Linda DeStefano

It’s time to expand respect for animals.

Koko, the gorilla, communicates with people through American Sign Language and her understanding of a large vocabulary of spoken English. She is gentle with her kitten, and hugs people she likes.

Although he can escape from the killer harpoons, a whale returns to his wounded mate and stays with her until he, too, is killed by the whalers.

REPORT: 2/22/14 ARAUNY YellowWall Vigil re Squirrel Slam, Holley NY

2/22/14 Saturday was a sunny 40 degree day, with wind gusts up to 50mph! Fifteen activists joined ARAUNY’s YellowWall Vigil … still, silent, peaceful, holding bright yellow homemade signs to honor squirrels, massacred just up the road in Holley that…

Petition Weekend: Stop Wildlife Killing Contests

Last weekend, ARAUNY tabled at the Unitarian Church on Winton Road as part of ‘Petition Weekend’ – a chance for social justice groups to come together, educate, and gather signatures for important causes. This year, ARAUNY focused on ‘Banning Wildlife…