Vegan PRIDE at Rochester Pride Parade

It was a beautiful day for pride on Saturday 7/21. After quickly throwing together a group of 12 to represent ARRoc, we proudly strutted down Park Avenue to lots of cheers and shouts of “Yeah Vegan!” The feeling of celebration was a joy to embrace, especially considering the

photo courtesy of Andrea Parros

difficult work we do on behalf of voiceless animals every day. We showed the spectators that veganism can be fun, welcoming, and diverse.  Thanks go to all of our marchers, Jessica, Lisa, Joanie, Deb K, Christine, Carol, Katie, Shelby, Debora S. and Tia, (who carried the banner the whole way!), and Beth and Bubbie for planning it out. Additional thanks to Darren, for modifying the banner to make it easier to carry, and to Rob for getting our T-shirts done in record time! Plans are already in place for next year – hope we can make it even bigger and better!