Vigil for Animals

Martha Sullivan, Katey Burke and Felicity Brach reading. JohnMark Smeenk interpreting.

Washington Square Park, S.Clinton and Court Streets, Rochester NY

  • all are welcome
  • ceremony of selected readings, no open-mic

Tortured lives, untimely deaths – too many, too soon. All species of nonhuman animals fall victim to the heavy-hands of humans. The hunted—seals, whales, wolves. Nonhumans we use for profit, animals we eat, wear, vivisect, use for entertainment. Cults, the animal targeted by a scorned lover, those killed by cruel neighbors, impatient police, incompetent rescuers. A bear in a tree, barking dogs, too many crows, horses no longer profitable for racing, calves killed in rodeos. The list is endless and heartbreaking.

Sentience ignored, forgotten, overlooked…
Let us take time to focus on the lives of ALL animals,
remember them, celebrate them, honor them.

Bring a candle and join us in a Vigil For Animals.

Sponsored by Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY