“Wear Your Own Skin” demonstration

NOVEMBER 28th, 2008 ~ Friday
Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY to host the

“Wear Your Own Skin” demo (formerly Fur Free Friday)

– 11am – 1:00pm
– Held Projansky Furs, 2240 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618

No animal parts (fur, fur trim, leather, wool, silk, etc.) should be worn or used by humans.
Let’s add all these to our message, along with our No Fur signs.
Animals do not exist for humans to use, in any way, for any reason.

Signs provided, and/or bring your own:
– No Fur, No Leather, No Wool, No Silk, etc.

Also, signs promoting the alternatives are encouraged, e.g.
“Wear Synthetic, Hemp, Cotton Clothing…”
and where to buy the alternatives (e.g. www.VeganStore.com).

Join us 11/28/08, for the Wear Your Own Skin demo.