Wear Your Own Skin demonstration

wearyourownskin20093-smallFriday, November 27, 2009
aka Fur Free Friday

ARAUNY is hosting this peaceful, legal, educational demo the day after Thanksgiving. Join us! Together we will not only protest the use of, and profitting from selling dead animal skin (fur, wool, leather, down, silk, etc.), but we will advocate the alternatives: bamboo, soy, hemp, synthetics.

Signs will be provided, or you may bring your own.

ARAUNY requests the following of participants. Please:

  • do NOT wear any animal skin to this demo (no leather, down, wool, etc.)
  • park on side streets – but not in the store’s plaza
  • please, do NOT speak to or shout at customers. They are the ones we really need to reach, teach, enlighten. Our mere presence in front of that store already makes them squirm (though they may not show it). This is a case where our silence will be much louder than verbal attacks. Even though we may feel like shouting, it is not productive, plus it gives them reason to dismiss all AR activists, rather than seeing us as approachable. We want them to consider our points! Hopefully, as they drive away with their new furs, they’ll at least be aware they are doing something they need to rethink! Again, please refrain from speaking to or shouting at customers.
  • 11/27/09 (Friday, the day after Thanksgiving)
  • Held Projansky Fur Store, 2240 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY 14618
  • 12:00noon – 1:30pmRemember:
  • dress for the weather
  • there are no bathrooms close by (you’d have to drive some distance)Thank you for your advocacy, and we look forward to you joining ARAUNY in this “Wear Your Own Skin” demo.