Recaps: Cubes of Truth 8/5 & 10

We continue our [Anonymous for the Voiceless] Cubes of Truth.

August 5th we were at the Park Avenue Fest. It was a beautiful day. We were originally set up just north of Park & Berkeley, but after a few hours were told to move farther away. We went a block up Berkeley to East Avenue, and actually had a better spot I think. We convinced 39 people to take veganism seriously. Thanks to Darren, Justin, Graham, Leanne, Maria, Marian, and Mary. Thanks to Mary for hauling the stuff, and to Darren for bringing a big stand which could display the TVs if needed, and let us wheel three of them a block up the street. Lots of our friends stopped by – thanks to George for coming to give Mary a ride to her car. Thanks to activists Ben from Canada and Cat from Buffalo for the moral support. We had to break down and set up a few times, and have discovered how well we work together. Join us!

August 10th the Cube was at Party in the Park at Manhattan Square Park downtown again. Thanks to Graham, JP, Leanne, Mary, Robyn, and Varun for bringing challenging information to the public.